Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will install, stock, and service all of our machines. We will manage every conceivable aspect of your vending needs from A to Z.

At Select Vending Services, we understand that no two locations are the same and that each vending machine deserves our individual attention. We will customize our service/refilling schedule of each machine to meet the needs of your business. We take pride in keeping our machines fully stocked, clean, and in great working order.

Our exclusive vending management program allows companies with multiple locations to access all of their vending needs in one location with one point of contact.

It is very important that the right products are placed in the machines. Our team will work with you to make sure that you have the product selection that will give your employees and customers the best and most refreshing vending experience.

For a beverage machine to work in a business, it would require at least 40 employees or a high amount of customer traffic. Hotels/Motels generally need at least 20 rooms to support a beverage machine and apartment buildings generally need 100 plus apartments at the facility.

Unlike beverages, snacks have a much shorter shelf life. It is important that snack machines do enough volume, so the products do not spoil. We require at least 50 employees or a high amount of customer traffic. It is recommended to have a beverage machine alongside a snack machine for optimal customer experience.

We have snack and beverage machines (Coke, Pepsi products, juice, energy drinks, tea, water, etc.). All of our beverage machines have the option of either bottles, cans, or both. The standard beverage machine measures 72”H x 39” W x 33” D. However, if the machine is going to be placed inside an enclosure it is best to allow for 80” H x 45” W x 40” D. These dimensions take into consideration the space for the door opening as well as room in the back of the machine for the plug-in and the need for air movement for the compressor. These dimensions are the standard, but we have various sizes to accommodate the available space in your business.

Our machines run on 115 volts at about 10.5 amps. Most commercial grade three prong outlets will be acceptable to power the machines. Power consumption tends to run about 3.1 – 4.4 kWh/day for the lighting and 3.5 – 4 kWh/day for the refrigeration. Power consumption can vary if the machine is placed outside. All of our machines are energy star rated. In general our beverage machines use as much electricity as a residential refrigerator.

All of our machines come with software which enables us to guarantee a product with each vending transaction. In the unlikely event the software doesn’t catch each vending transaction. We have an instant cash reimbursement system in place for your employees or customers.

The answer is YES, we have cashless payment and prepaid options available to help ensure the most convenient and seamless vending experience for your employees and customers.

Vending machine vandalism is rare but can happen and is usually a temporary situation. All of our machines are licensed and insured by Select Vending Services and your business will not be held responsible for any damage, lost product, or money loss.

During the initial site visit, our team will help in choosing the best location for the vending machine. There is significantly less likelihood of a vending machine being vandalized in an indoor location and can be monitored better.

Please call our toll-free number 1-833-735-8363 or fill out the question section on our home page and someone will contact you the same day or by the close of the next business day.

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